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The Ultimate Pinup Girl is a global search for the next pinup star! Women 18 and older from all over the world create individual websites here and the public is in charge of the vote. See who will rise to the top and be crowned as the newest and hottest superstar. VOTE NOW!

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Pinp-Up Fun!

As you can see, UPG is taking NO prisoners. This is THE #1 Pinup site on the web and we give you the most features to promote yourself, your hot rod or your band. This is also the ONLY Pinup, Rodder and band Network in the world that features live events and even our own Las Vegas Pinup/Burlesque Review! So JOIN TODAY!


Live Pin-Up Contest

And The Winner Is!
What a night! The Delta Bombers layed it down, Ukulele Ray shot his new music video after the show with the Live Pin-Up Contest finalist, Rockabilly DJ Eddie kept the beat grooving and a good time was had by all. Congrats to contest winner ROXIE La ROUGE ,along with Runner-Up JACKIE STRYKER. If you don't get it by now...you should ask someone. The Ultimate Pinup Girl is #1.


UPG @ Cadillac Ranch!
Live Pin-Up Contest

Pinup Contest - Create Your WebSite todayThanks Cadillac Ranch Las Vegas for supporting our fantastic 3 week run at your venue along with The Rodeo Clownz band. We wish you all luck and are sure to be back one day, but for know it's off to FORBES KTV starting on June 19th, 2010. See You all there :)


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Pinup Contest - Girls


Rockabilly News!

The Ultimate Pin-Up Girl Contest - Featured NEWS!
May, 2010 @ 1888PressRelease.com




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  • lexyrosemay: Hi guys very new to this site just trying to build my profile up but please do stop by my page xxx
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  • AuroraBlaze: Hello! I am new to this site, but I love everything vintage, especially pin ups!
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  • DesertChinaDoll: Happy to be joining all you pretty pin ups. Is there any way to favorite or add other pages you like?
  • jennmartin: I'm Just Your Everyday Rockabilly Goth Chick.
  • taniasimon: Yea, I've been out of the modeling game for a few years but whatever. Smooth Mag, Lowrider Mag, I have been centerfold. Pinup Girls rule.
  • BonnieBelle: Hello Hello out there, rate my pics please. -BonnieBelle
  • boneizhot: been here for years, dont call it a comeback...act like you know black-pinup
  • bethany: Good night everyone, tarrah's. Pinup dreams
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  • MissBHaven: I am a girl living somewhere on the Australian coast! I have a cute accent but not Australian! I dig big trucks, fast cars, and tattoos of course!
  • Ewel: Slovakia is represented here too. I am Ewel and I love pinup modeling. I am also into goth as well. Visit my site and comment me ok.
  • deatosic: DJ DEA...you KNOW me maaaaaaaannnnnnn. I'm MIA...lol
  • DollyDeville: 50s Sweater Girl mixed with a touch of Cleopatra blended with 50percent sauciness, 30percent cuteness and sprinkled with 10percent of attitude.
  • paigemonroe: You know I got that swank, daddy-o. -Paige Monroe
  • LeahEstella: Whatever, life's messy...wear a bib.
  • LilMissPUKEfce: Because i'm pretty sure I could own you at any vgame imaginable. ;) - LilMissPUKEfce
  • britta: Britta B, here in the flesh all you lovely ladies.
  • ValoryIrene: Hello everyone. It's Valory Irene, check out my albums, comments, thanks.
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