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Frequently Asked Questions

Note: All models and contestants please read this information.

**$5 Registration Package: Basic Account, Website & Hosting for One Year.

Q. Is posting a picture in each category necessary in order for me to sign up?

A. No, but you will not be entered into the competition without at least four photos - Your photo's should be less than 180 days old at time of posting and present an obvious attempt at pinup representation, according to us.

Q. Are there any other mandatory things I need to do in order to be a contestant?

A. Yes. These rules do not apply to those only interested in placing a modeling portfolio on the site.

1. All contestants must install the Alexa Toolbar available here www.alexa.com/site/download

2. All contestants must log on at least once every calendar month and leave at least one comment.

3. All contestants must maintain their account in good standing and ensure it is kept current.

Q. Will the site be $5 forever?

A. Yes.

Q. Will posting a picture result in it remaining on your site forever?

A. No, deleting is permitted at any time.

Q. What types of pictures can I post to the website?

A. Rated "R" max, as determined by us. That means no explicitly exposed private areas. Many contestants have lingerie photos in sheer material and nudie's which is fine as this type of thing is commonly seen on regular cable television.

Q. How can I remove any of my images once they are uploaded?

A. There is a link named "manage albums" in the admin menu, and, upon clicking it, you will get controls for deleting your pictures. If you would like to change your pictures then simply delete them and repost, remembering that the last four pictures posted will be your avatar image.

Q. How do you WIN?

A.Participate as a qualifying contestant and accumulate the MOST RATINGS & HIGHEST SCORE. A minimum of 500 ratings is needed to be crowned the winner in the calendar year that you are competing in.

Q. Why has my picture been deleted without my knowledge?

A. If we believe the pictures you have posted may be under suspicion of being stolen or an otherwise not legitimate picture or if we have decided the post was innapropriate then we may remove it at our discretion. Contact us in order to clarify or validate things. Include your sitename and email account used for the site.

Q. Someone has stolen my picture! What can I do?

A. Please send a notification to the admin (info@theultimatepinupgirl.com) with your sitename and the offending sitename in addition to which pictures are in violation..

Q. What are the prizes?

A. Micro-Celebrity status from press releases and immortalization on our website. The title of 'The Ultimate Pinup Girl' is more useful on your resume than anything material we could give you since the world now ranks models just like it ranks websites, by their Google status. Furthermore we will issue a press release announcing you as the winner and you will get a FREE UNLIMITED tribute account here on UPG for the duration of the time this website exist. We will furthermore Search Optimize that tribute site to promote your name to the best of our ability.

What measures are in place to defeat cheating?

A. In order for a proper entry to be considered the winner, the associated 'TOP RATED Picture' must have more than 500 votes & highest average rating as of 0053 HRS on the 30th of December in the contest year (example: 2006, 2007, 2008...) and the highest rating IAW, this websites SoNET Web Engine, Software. Bot votes or false proxy votes as determined by us through IP information will render the applicable entry invalid. We also reset voting for those contestants who receive more than 15, '1' votes in a 48hr period if we can identify the source IP's responsible for the vote attack. This prevents organized vote blocking or down voting by those who seek to fix or rig the contest. Organized voting is allowed as long as the judges vote for the particular contestant (s) they choose to support and do not vote down every other contestant in efforts to skew contest results. The PINUP CONTEST winner will be selected after final tally and adjustments NLT 2100hrs PST(9PM) on 31, January 2016. The winner will be announced NLT 5, March 2016. NOTE: The next contest officially begins on January 1, 2015. In order for your account to be considered for the contest, you must pay for your subscription, this means that any and all free and complimentary accounts are NOT eligible for contest participation.


Contact us with any other questions at info@theultimatepinupgirl.com

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